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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  April 4, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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we begin with breaking news from overnight. police are searching for the driver wanted in a deadly hit-and-run crash outside a busy delaware avenue club. we're live with the details on the vehicle involved. also new this morning fire breaks out at corner grocery store, two residents living above are forced out of their homes. and only "eyewitness news" has this video showing police leaving a -- lead ago north philadelphia woman from her home accused of trying to join the terror group isis. the latest on this home-grown terror arrest. today is saturday, april 4th good morning thanks so much for joining us, i'm nicole brewer. it is 5:00. quick check on the forecast, and hopefully little better today, little less rain, carol? >> were you stunned when you walked out the door how mild it was? >> it was very mild, i approve of that for sure.
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>> really remarkable how much warmer it is this morning, it is 55 degrees out there right now. we've seen fifth degrees at this time in the morning, so this is huge change. but the winds are starting to pick up. and the showers have not yet ended. and you might be able to see couple of drops ending up on our lens here, as we take a look from campbell's field at the ben franklin bridge, and some pretty gray skies beyond that. now, as we take a look outside, this is on the neighborhood weathernet warning, 53 degrees, that's from the palmyra cove nature park in new jersey overlooking delaware into philadelphia, and couple of raindrops are going on out there. you can see them on storm scan3, as well. this is going to be a morning event. pretty quickly get rid of the showers, then when they are gone we barely rapidly start to see the clearing begin. and the winds picking up, the wish will be get to go about 45 miles an hour, especially this morning. 59 degrees, out at the airport in philadelphia, look how warm this is. but notice the poconos, it is 20 degrees cooler there, you are starting to see the cooler
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air come n and we'll find our afternoon temperatures probably even lower than they are right now with some of the cooler air coming in. so, 55 degrees, it will be bright this afternoon but it will be a windy day we'll talk more about the long-range forecast, coming up, nicole. >> carol, thank you. we are following some breaking news for you this morning. an s.u.v. hits and kills a man in fishtown, now philadelphia police are looking for who is behind the wheel. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria huff. >> good morning, things seem to have quieted down the 900 block of delaware avenue w several bars and night clubs in the area, shoeing casino up the wrote very busy section of town on friday evening. that was the case around 10:30 when police say a man and his mid 20's was crossing the six lane avenue, apparently on list way to the roxy night club minute later that man was pronounced dead. the vehicle that police say hit him did not stop. now police have launched an aggressive search for the
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driver. now, right now police are looking for a dark colored suv, pennsylvania license plate number jsm0488. that vehicle likely has front ends damage. anyone with any information should contact police. reporting live in fishtown, alexandria huff, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks for the update. >> new this morning, a fire has damaged a corner grocery store, in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood. the call came in around 3:00 this morning flames inside the isaac mini market at the corner of jasper and east came tree a streets. firefighters got it under control in about 15 minute, the second floor tenant smelled smoke, and got out just in time. >> well, federal prosecutors are accusing a philadelphia woman of trying to join isis and martyr herself. thirty year old kianna thomas also goes by fatala al kalifa,
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the young lie end he is, took to twitter to show her support, also accused of communicating with isis. ninety-sixth american accused of trying to join isis in the past three weeks. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt with more on the allegations. >> reporter: this exclusive video shows 30 year old key own a thomas, pick up early friday morning, charged with trying to join isis. she appeared before a federal judge friday afternoon for her first appearance. >> you never know who you live next-door to. you know i'm lost for words you know? it is very shocking. >> ronnie patterson lives across the street from thomas, also known as fatalay and young lion he is. just really sick. it is sad. >> according to affidavit, the fbi began watching thomas in august of 2013. court document indicate the 30 year old mother had plans to travel to barcelona, spain, then istanbul, turkey, into syria, where she wanted to die as a matter.
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according to the affidavit she tweeted quote if we truely new the realities we would all be rush to go join our brothers in the front lines. pray al ah. except us as shuhada marchers. >> the surprise is it didn't happen sooner. >> worked for the cia during the reagan administration, now teachings the terrorism subject at lasalle. he told "eyewitness news" on line radicalizations becoming more popular by the day. >> these are usually people with some sort of dysfunction something missing in their lives. and they find meaning through the people they interact with over the internet. >> in court thomas only said yes and no. but her tweets continued to become concerning enough to raise a red flag to the intelligence community. according to court document, thomas communicated with an isis fighter overseas, that isis member wrote in part, quote, but in my wife comes and it turns out she was a
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pipe, after all these years ill personally behead her. thomas responded. cutting head is more personal. thomas' defense attorney didn't say much as she passed our camera. >> i don't have any further comment at this time. my office is just appointed but we'll prepared next week on her behalf. >> in another tweet thomas allegedly wrote quote when you are a jihad i fighter your death becomes a wedding. thomas is behind me right now under federal lock up. she will be here until her next court appearance. she was supposed to leave the united states last week and come back april 15th. authorities aren't commenting on what may have happened when she returned to the united state. reporting in center city, david spunt cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> two days ago two, new york women were arrested suspected of plotting a boston marathon style terror attack. investigators say no he will and asia who were arrested in queens sympethize with those al quaida and isis. >> and you can stay with "eyewitness news" as we stay up-to-date on this story.
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our coverage continues on line at where you can read the full criminal complaint against kianna thomas. right now funeral scheduled this morning for darby borough police officer mark hudson, shot death last week allegedly by his girlfriend while off duty in his glenolden home. officer hutch inch also a volunteer fire fight nerve yeadon, this morning at ten clock in collingdale, funt role at 11:30 burial at mount zion cemetery. >> nearly decade old mystery could be one step closer to being solved. a hunter found human remains off whites bog road pemberton township and then called police. we have learned the remains are that of 36 year old stacey greater, pemberton woman disappeared back in february of 2006. police continue to ask if you know anything at all to call the new jersey police.
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>> drug bust russ results in 60 arrests. matt rivers has more on a big effort by law enforcement. >> this operation involves several dozen police officers, and officials say it was designed to send a specific message to those who come from the suburbs to buy drugs in the sit. >> i not only will you be arrested and charged for that crime, but your vehicle, if you have one, will be confiscated. >> philadelphia police announce the results after large operation friday, in it east division, with dozens of people being arrested throughout the day on thursday, for either buying or selling drugs. >> we manage to arrest 60 persons during this operation and confiscated 24 vehicles. >> and police showed off those cars, most belonging to people coming into the city from the suburbs, to buy heroin, crack or marijuana. this car's owner even designed ahead income partment to store the drugs under the back seat, but he's still got caught. police said the scale of the operation is due in large part to constant citizen complaint
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about the drug trade. >> the community is under siege by large numbers of drug addict, buying and using drugs openly. and again, weaver young children and parent walking through december drug markets just to get to school. >> yes, you see it quite often. yes, mostly like you said, suburban people coming down here to grab the drugs. >> friends christian and john live in the 25th district where most of the arrest were made. they say people are tired of watching drugs flood their streets. >> i think many people are used to it, but they decide kind of get out of here and it is frustrate for them. >> police say there are more operations like this one scheduled for the near future. we're in hunting park, matt rivers cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> it is 5:09 right now. familiar name looks to buy more property in atlantic city. we'll have the details just ahead. then caught on camera, good samaritan springs into action,
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ghirardelli of san francisco. we carefully craft the finest chocolate so you can savor life's sweetest moments. we pour our hearts into every square. back on "eyewitness news", another major move to revitalize atlantic city. florida developer buying the
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now closed revel casino is also trying to buy the former showboat casino. glenn strobe has put up $26 million hoping to purchase it from stockton university. stockton's purchase last year is now being challenged by the trump taj mahal in a dispute over how the showboat will be used. a bankruptcy judge approves straub's bid to buy the revel earlier this week. straub says his latest move is to start up $500 million effort to redevelop atlantic city. >> well, this holiday weekend chosen 300 ministries annual its meals and worship brand now west philadelphia location. non-profit organization has locations in center city and also in pottstown now in addition to feeding the home lets volunteers also provide warm meals to families who are going through tough financial times. >> we're celebrating what christ did for us, by serving us in his best way so we reciprocate by serving others, the communities that are homeless, those less
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fortunate, and a lot of folks that are in homes but dealing with the issue of food insufficiency. >> this new location also offers prayer sessions, job training and grooming. >> well, sundown marked the start after jewish holiday of passover as one of the most important periods in the jewish religious calendar. eight day observance includes seders or family dinners like this one last night at the abramson center for jewish life in north wales. thousands of years ago from slavery at the hands of the egyptians. spring cleaning of your pantry results in lots of food going to waste you may want to be a little smarter about restocking it. "3 on your side" consumer reporter jim donovan has advice for your next trip to the supermarket. >> the average american family can spend as much as $1,300 at the grocery store each month. buying in bulk can save money but buying too much can often
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be a waste of food and money. shop smart magazine says sales on many products come in 12-week cycles, so when you spot a good deal, buy enough to last at least three months. for certain items on the grocery shelves, shop smart says consider buying more. for example, sealed cereal and granola bars can keep for about one year. at this tail end of the cold weather month you may find soups on sale. certain soups can last up to five years as long as the cans stay intact. as the weather heats up, you will find the deepest discounts on items like mayo, catsup salad dressing around holidays that involve barbeques, like memorial day and fourth of july. those will last about six months when unopened. and while you can't really stock up on fresh produce the same way you can stock up on things in bottles, can and boxes, buy only what's in season. otherwise, you will be paying top dollar. reporting for three on your side i'm jim donovan. >> 5:15 right now carol you
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said it, waking to up real mild temperatures. nice. >> it is nice. and, you know it, seems like we get a halfway decent weather feature like warmer temperatures, but it always comes with something else. this morning, it is coming with the something else of some rain showers. but, they'll be ending so couple of raindrops are going to be out there. you can see them, i'll show you storm scan3 in just a second. we have the 53 degrees temperature, as we look at the city of philadelphia, so it is mild out here this morning. it is a welcome mild first thing this morning as well. temperature of 59 degrees out at the airport. wow. fifty-three in trenton 56 degrees in wilmington, 55 millville, 48, though, up in allentown, and 39 in the poconos. some cooler air will be coming in here. and we should probably find our high temperatures this afternoon, no higher than this, and, in fact, they may be couple of degrees lower than that. storm scan3 showing few remaining showers. we're going to be pushing this front off the coast. and there it will go.
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and our skies will start to brighten as soon that is does, but for the interim we have some rain showers around philadelphia, you're finding some through central delaware, over into southern new jersey, this will leave our weather get better, but it is really, really going to be windy today. now, right now we've got winds out of the northwest about 25 miles an hour, these are sustained winds constantly blowing at 25 miles an hour. and through allentown about 10 miles an hour. then, we get these gusts every so often the winds decides to energize itself. wind gusts right now in philadelphia, 44 miles an hour. so you get the idea. this is an extremely windy morning out there. it will be in every single location. little bit less right now through millville. but you can be expecting to find very strong winds as we go through the morning. so couple of showers some strong winds but the temperatures are okay. they just feel cooler because of what we're dealing with. now, today, in the 50's, tomorrow we get into the 60s for easter sunday looks great, high pressure building
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in here, it will be breezy but not nearly as windy as it is today. and by monday, philly's home opener looks terrific, temperatures well into the 60s. and it wouldn't be completely out of the question to see 70 degrees on monday. which would be great. computer model okay, we'll give it an okay, not exactly right, but we give it an okay on this one. but i think by the afternoon it does catch up with what is actually happening. that's the clearing skies. we'll keep the clearing skies with us, sunday looks nice, maybe afternoon sunday, we see few more clouds, this computer model says oh, there is going to be a shower. not everybody agrees. looks like monday will be dry and really nice for the home opener. and then after that we start to see chances of showers every day from tuesday all the way through friday. easter sunday, yes the bunnies are hopping mostly sunny skies breezy, 62 degrees. for that phillies home opener, we will be looking at temperatures that are really comfortable, in the 60s with sunshine, the game starts at
5:19 am
3:05 against the red sox at citizens bank park. today 55 in philadelphia, it is warmer than right now we've got 55 at the shore poconos, 48 degrees. and it is windy in every single location. these winds up to 45 miles an hour especially the first half of the day. then as we move into the afternoon, the winds will start to subside. by tonight though still pretty gusty. still around 30 miles an hour, after midnight, they calm down more than that. 32 degrees for the overnight low temperature. tomorrow, looks great 62 degrees. monday terrific, 68 degrees. tuesday, cooling down. we do pick up a shower chance at 61 degrees. wednesday, cooling down a lot 52 for the high temperature thursday, with another shower chance. thursday another shower chance at 57. the same deal on friday, but we should be back into the 60s, nicole. >> great great weather for the start of the days ball season, home opener monday, that's fantastic. carol, thanks. meanwhile fiery scene unfolds
5:20 am
all caught on camera. family traveling michigan forced to flea when their rv goes up in flames. reporter spoke to good samaritan who helped rescue a mother and caughter. >> get your car off of it. >> ron thompson happens to run a business called the rv doctor coming down the highway this they saw this motor home on fire. >> i look over. i straw was still a car attached to it, and i was concerned. i saw one man running around the outside. i didn't think there was anybody else there, it was so un-gulfed, i figure they were outside. >> but they weren't. he went to help them. while his son caught it all on his cell phone. another man driving a 18 wheeler also stopped and helped. >> i noticed when i was yelling there was a foot sticking out the back window. so i stopped we renee cross right away, we ran up to the back window, we rescued a mom and their daughter. and got them out. because they couldn't get out. they were trapped. the whole front end was engulfed, no way going through the front door. >> joe really, his friend, all
5:21 am
head today michigan when right front tire blew out. >> it seemed like the tire was ignited and on fire almost within milliseconds. the flames just come up. i ran out the door with a fire extinguisher and i got burned all over. >> he ran back into the coach through the front fire wall and was inside. we couldn't find him. >> they did find him really went back for second fire extinguisher, tires melting from the flames. but another concern, 100-pound propane tank under the coach. >> the fire was working its way back toward t so i was yelling at people to get away from the coach, from the toxic fumes, because i was concerned about that propane tank blowing. if that tank blew it, would have been a lot worse. >> i'm just glad i was there. i think god put me there at the right time at the right place to help those people out. >> i certainly appreciate his help. >> he says the motor home is a total lost. but they're going to be okay. >> and that is certainly what matters most. thank goodness all of those people stopped and lent a
5:22 am
helping hands. that was gale partial brown reporting. 5:21, a look at what's new in theatres this weekend. >> i'm kevin frazier coming up, duane johnson the rest of the fast and furious crew are back for another thrilling ride with a few new faces and some insane new stunts.
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>> one of the most anticipated movies of the year is in theatres right now. the fast and furious gang is back and in paul walker's final film. kevin frazer from entertainment tonight with what's new at the movies. >> this week the fast and furious crew is back for another ride. the bad guys are bigger and badder and so are the sons. >> just when you thought you couldn't get any better. >> it doesn't get any better than the action in the fast and furious series, in furious seven it is bigger than ever. those cars rocking -- dropping out of the plane they're real. five four, three two, one ... >> the idea that we could even attempt to one up the stunts in the action sequences is fun. and it is a rich, rich challenge. >> come up. >> adding to the action of franchise newcomb ers kurt russell as a mysterious government agent and jason
5:26 am
badder brother of the last movie village. >> this big boost, you know, you step, there is a great comfort in the fact that you know you will be in something of quality. >> and your favorites are back duane johnson tyrese, michelle rodriguez ludacrous the gangs all here for another adventure. in the world of fast and furious, there is going to be all of the pomp and circumstance that will happen in every movie. there will be exclusions, a bomb bad guys, beautiful cars beautiful women. >> for entertainment tonight i am kevin phrase earnings back to you in the studio. >> for all of the latest news from hollywood watch entertainment tonight every week night at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. and coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", we have new clearer video, showing you the deadly police incident in south jersey. then a montgomery county teacher finds out her punishment for having sex with
5:27 am
a student. anarchs warning if you are traveling abroad, we'll tell but a dangerous stomach bug people are coming home with. we'll be right
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" today is saturday, april 4th, good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us, i'm nicole brewer. it is just about 5:30. let's check in with carol for
5:30 am
more on the forecast, i have to say for once i wasn't running into the building this morning, it was so nice out. >> it was great out. but these wind have really pick up. even since we've come in this morning, nicole, wind are really gusty. they'll be that way all day long especially the first part of the day. you'll find the breeze at least all day but really strong winds certainly, first thing this morning. ben franklin bridge, looks pretty nice out there doesn't it? we've got some rain showers as well, so we are dealing with. that will and we will be finding that continuing as we go through the first part of this morning. otherwise, it is really comfortable. center city, 54 degrees, it is 52 out at the palmyra cove nature park. watching us, half hour ago these temperatures were slightly higher. i think we will be finding these temperatures dropping little bit as we go through the first part of today. the highs this afternoon undoubtedly lower than what you are seeing here. fifty-six probably for the high through philadelphia, even though right now it is 59 degrees. fifty-three in trenton. 56 degrees in wilmington.
5:31 am
a lot cooler where the cooler air has gotten, through the poconos at 39 degrees. you can see on storm scan3 that we still have some showers around, they are pushing their way out of here, by 7:00, or so, we should be seeing a lot of these gone. so this will be a day that we dry out the winds will certainly help that. so any rain that we saw yesterday will be getting kicked out of here, just dried out by the giant hair dryer in the sky, that is coming down to the ground, and just really pomeling us with the winds. showers out there right now number every spots but not for long. as we move through noon, 52 degrees, we start to see some rapid clearing, by 3:00 p.m., lots of sunshine, but boy will it be winnie out there. when i come back, we will talk about seven day forecast, temperatures you might like, sky conditions you might not. we'll have all of that coming up. nicole? >> carol, thank you. we do have more on our breaking news this morning. philadelphia police trying to track down the suv and the driver after a fatal hit-and-run in fishtown. "eyewitness news" reporter
5:32 am
alexandria hover life at the scene. >> here in the 900 block of delaware avenue. you can see there is a crosswalk just behind me. going in the other direction there is not one for a good portion of the block but being a friday night with lots of bars in the area, sugarhouse casino right in front of us, people do cross these six lanes. it was around 10:30 when police say a man in his late 20's did so. apparently on his way to the roxy night club. that's when investigators say he was hit by an s.u.v. that vehicle did not stop. the man was pronounced dead on the scene just few minutes later. police now need your help tracking down that driver. they are looking for a dark colored suv pennsylvania license plate number jsm0488. it likely has front ends damage. anyone with any information should contact police. reporting live in fishtown, alexandria who have hoff, "eyewitness news". >> surveillance video will help them track down the
5:33 am
gunman who shot two men in wissinoming t all happened just after 7:00 last night on the 6600 block of hagerman street. a 18 year old man was shot in the back, a 20 year old man shot in the right shoulder. both are in stable condition. police believe an argument led to that shooting. now, around the same time, religious leaders and other supporters were holding a gun control procession in southwest philadelphia. dozen gathered at morris park to advocate stricter gun laws. now, some brought signs and pictures of their loved ones, that were victims of gun violence. >> a long time activist for gun control has died. sarah brady passed away friday at retirement home in virginia. she was 73 years old. mrs. brady became a passionate advocate for gun control after her husband james brady was shot in the head in the assassination attempt on president reagan. brady's family says her work saved countless lives. well, "eyewitness news" has obtained new video of the arrest after vineland, new jersey man who died while in police custody.
5:34 am
while questions are circling this morning and prosecutors investigate, friends of philip white are demanding answers. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco has more from vineland. >> i love you. >> candles lit at vigil for 32 year old philip white. known to family as capone. he died earlier this week, in police custody. his final minutes caught on cell phone video the 152nd video showings white on the ground, in the grips after k9, and being restrained by vineland police. he died on the way to the hospital. but friends say police went too far. >> beyond excessive force. when you hand cuff an individual they're subdued, i don't care if they're under the influence of anything you want to say they're under the influence of. how much can a person do handicuffs? >> white is told to turn over and handcuffed. the video ends with a officer trying to confiscate the cell phone. friends tell "eyewitness news", white, a father of three, struggled with the use of pcp. he was being questioned in response to a disorderly call on the 100 block of west grape
5:35 am
street tuesday. >> scanner traffic indicates white tried to disarm an officer. off camera, a witness told us white had become belligerent. >> he started like getting crazy, yelling, he threw a round house kick and he missed the officer and the officer obviously tackled him. >> we want the police officers brought up on charges. >> white's death has drawn ankle fresh dozens in the community, now looking for justice. >> what happened is wrong, it is wrong. >> white was given cpr on the way to the hospital tuesday. but pronounced dead once he arrived. investigators are now awaiting the results after toxicology and autopsy report before they make a final determination. in vineland, cumberland county diana rocco cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a west chester university student is behind bars, accused of sexually assaulting a female student. police say 19 year old
5:36 am
mauriceio committed the crime last weekends at off campus fraternity party. he is facing charges including rape indecent assault, and unlawful restraint. a preliminary hearing is set for april 16th. >> a pennsylvania high school teacher will be going to prison for having sex with one of her student. she just one of the teachers profiled in a special i-team report earlier this year that looks at the rising number of teachers turned sex offenders. charlotte hoffman has this exclusive update. >> do you regret it? what about the parents who trusted you, anything to them? >> tight-lipped as she entered montgomery county court. the i am team first exposed the lower moore hand high school teacher ann prepare re at behavior. why did you do it? why throw your whole teaching career away? are you serious? >> police records show two years ago she began sending exly explicit text messages, photos videos of herself to
5:37 am
one of her student. thirty-three year old, married with children, later had sex with the 17 year old boy in her car. >> we as a society we put great trust in our teachers and our schools. and she betrayed that trust. >> according to state records over the past ten years the number of educators who lost their teaching certificates, has increased 81%. in 2014, a third of them were women. pled guilty to institutional sexual assault and disseminating sexually explicit materials to a minor. our cameras were not allowed in court today where she faced up to seven years behind bars. but the judge only gave her 30 days in prison, and three years probation. saying she had suffered enough. she lost her job will never be allowed to teach again and will have to register as a sex offender. inside the courtroom she apologized saying i should have exercised better judgement and i'm sorry for abusing my position of authority. in montgomery county, charlotte hoffman cbs-3
5:38 am
"eyewitness news". it is 5:37 right now. if you are a passenger on a philadelphia fire department ambulance, three years ago you may have had personal information stolen. a data breach in the city's fire department affect those who use its ambulance services between february and september 2012. now, fire officials say a data vendor gave names birthdates, and social security numbers of 750 patients to theft ring involved in attacks scheme. >> meanwhile, some kenyans are accusing their government of taking insufficient security measures after the deadly attack on an university there. a day earlier, kenya's president dismiss add travel warning from britain. tina krause has more on the grim task of identifying the victim. >> many who lost loved ones in a kenyan university are inconsolable. >> police are taking fingerprint from bodies to identify student who died thursday when al shabab gunmen
5:39 am
assaulted their campus. authority say the somalia terrorists planned their rampage carefully striking while student were still asleep taking hostages, and even targeting a site at the college where christians had gone to pray. this student says, he ran for his life, and helped other student jump out of windows to escape. witnesses say militants separated muslims from non-muslims, and shot christians on the spot. authority say the siege lasted about 13 hours and the attackers ends the it when they detonated their suicide vest hacked with explosives. al-shabaab fighters had vowed to fun i shall ten ya for sending troops into somalia to help destroy the terror group. ankle is her building across kenya, with residents demanding authorities do more to strengthen security. tina krause, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> now, pope francis is condemning the attack, as an
5:40 am
act every senseless brutality also calling for those responsible to change their violent ways. >> controversial anti-muslim 'des appearing on septa buses were the subject of show of solidarity friday by philadelphia's religious leaders. now, the ads include 1941 picture of adolf hitler, and palestinian arab national supporter. religious leader hope the ads will present an opportunity to inform people about the muslim fate. >> if god had wanted to make humanity one religion, woe have done so, but god made us different so that we might compete with one another in doing good. >> now septa was forced to run the ads after lose ago court battle to a non-profit group who paid to have them on the side of those buses. well, pennsylvania governor tom wolf is asking the state legislature to adopt a non-discrimination law here in pennsylvania. the move follows the controversy over religious
5:41 am
freedom laws. governor started on line petition to gain support. pennsylvania the only state in the northeast without a law on the books for the lgbt community. >> well still ahead on "eyewitness news" people traveling outside the united state, health warning. we'll have the details on. that will plus, if you have an older sibling, who left you feeling little overshadowed, new study find there may be reason to thank them. it is being called the spill over effect. we'll explain it for you. >> also ahead, a popular roller coaster with nearly 100 passengers, gets stuck. and one of those riders is a familiar face. >> also a live look outside this morning carol will be along with your holiday weekend forecast, when we come back.
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>> you can see the fog out on the bore walk, it is win any every single location this morning. we head out to reading and we find 47 degrees. not bad. temperature wise but these temperatures will be dropping a little bit going through the day as northwesterly wind, and strong one. starts to come in here. right now out of the west, about 15 miles an hour, but these wind gusts are far higher than that. you will may be surprised just how windy it is through philadelphia. 54 degrees, in philadelphia, 53 in wilmington, 53 degrees
5:45 am
in trenton, 48 in allentown you've got temperature probably of about 52 degrees in florence. and that's where lena de philippe owe is turning 100 years old today. yes, so happy birthday, to her, i'm sure she will be having a lot of cake and a lot of candles and she's earned them all. we are looking at day that's great to get outside. if you have outside plans enjoy them today. but just remember, and speaking of those candles remember of the winds because it is very easy to start any casino of a fire with winds as strong as we're finding them today. sixty-one in philadelphia, look how different these temperatures are. forty-eight in quakertown, 48 in doylestown, 59 degrees in mt. holly. so we start to see this range in temperatures, as that cooler air filters in here. storm scan3, a lot of these showers, now moving on through, they're headed into new jersey, and then they are headed out to sea. that's it. these skies will really clear and fairly rapidly. right now winds coming just about out of the northwest through philadelphia, at 16 miles an hour.
5:46 am
that's not bad. now let's see how much they're gusting. now gusting to 24 miles an hour. they last hour gusting to 44 miles an hour. we've got wind gusts of 32 miles an hour, through wilmington, 38 miles per hour in the poconos, very windy day coming up for us today in the 50's in fact, probably little bit lower than they are the temperatures, than they are right now. but tomorrow, they'll be back up and probably the lower 60s, lot of sunshine, for easter, and then by monday, the phillies home opener, temperatures are even higher in the 60s and they're tapping on the door of 70. so it looks like nice little stretch before the stretch falls down. and we get shower chances from tuesday, right through friday. future weather says clearing skies, we like that, we agree with that, looks like it will be a nice afternoon, nice night. the winds of course will casino of damper that little bit. but otherwise not bad. this computer model does want
5:47 am
to swing through, a light shower, on sunday evening no guarantee that's going to happen at all. then, by monday, looking at some great weather, for the phillies home opener, by tuesday, more clouds start to come in here. big weekend though, we've got easter 62 degrees, mostly sunny, breezy, nice, you will not have to wear a rain jacket over your floral finery. if you're outside and the easter baskets will be full of chocolate eggs i'm sure. now, for the phillies home opener. let's hope their easter basket contains a fick have i, will also contain real nice weather. anybody going to the stadium enjoy this. temperatures in the 60s as you head to the stadium and in the 60s while you're there and when you're driving on home and celebrating still in the 60s. today, though, the temperatures are in the 50's. cooler than it was yesterday and it is a lot windier than it was yesterday. we could still be finding wind gusts to up 45 miles an hour through any of these
5:48 am
locations, philadelphia shore, and the poconos, with a high temperature today in the poconos of 48 degrees. the sun will be rising, 6:41, so, no it, hasn't done that yet, it is not not yet 6:00. 55 degrees, with these wind gusting to 45 miles an hour, tonight, we drop down, clear skies, will do that, 32 degrees look at these winds, they continue, they're lower than today but they still continue gust to go 30 miles an hour. and then the next couple of days, i think you will probably not have a problem with the temperatures. the highs are in the upper row, the lows on the lower row. the coldest night is the one tonight. tomorrow's high temperature 62 degrees, by sunday, down to 45. monday 68 degrees, looks terrific tuesday wednesday thursday, and friday, though, everyone every those days we have at least a chance of picking up a shower. nicole? >> carol, thank you. on the cbs-3 health watch this morning, a warning about a nasty stomach bug that some
5:49 am
travelers are bringing back to the united state. it is called chickalosis. nearly 250 people have been sickened by the intestinal illness, 18 right here in pennsylvania. many cases were traced to the dominican republic, india other countries. says the majority are resistant to antibiotics only 10% every cases responding to treatments. well, a new study says babies who are surprised or caught off guard learn better. researchers found 11 month old babe hoist were shown objects in surprising situations became more inquisitive. the study was published this week in the journal science. and i believe that to be true. every time i surprise my little guy he gets this big smile on his face. just love to see that. 5:49. if you have older brother or sister, who seem to have all of the brains growing up, well, a new study finds you may have reason to thank them. cbs news correspondent susan macinnis reports on spill-over effect that could have your children passing along their smarts to the younger ones.
5:50 am
>> the three boys in this family, sigh on, cameron dillon play games around their kitchen home, often word games. >> georgia. >> and number games. >> 32,768. >> their parents say eight year old sigh on excels at school, his younger brothers are benefitting. >> the teachers have commented to us, you know, damn ron pick up that pretty quickly, as well. i a tribute that. >> a new study at the university of essex in glands backs up what the garg family is noticing, primary test results found children with a older sibling who does well in school perform better, and the so-called spill over effect is the equivalent every invest being a thousand dollars extra on the younger siblings' education. older children who help younger siblings with homework have aim pact. >> 101 is the answer. >> if the siblings is smarter and the younger one emulates them, imitates them, then they're going to have performance as similar.
5:51 am
>> george washington university richard says the effect is strongest when siblings get along. >> seven, eight, nine. what's that called? >> sequence. >> they are learning by looking up to a big brother. susan macinnis, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> yes, i definitely believe that is true. so thank to you dan and vicky my brother and sister. study found the effect does not work in reverse improvement in younger siblings wasn't found to benefit an older child, and the spill over effect was found to be larger for siblings in poorer families, living in deprived neighborhoods and in those speak ago language other than english at home. all right 5:51, we will take a short break we will be right bac
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5:54 am
>> fans at tonight's game will also attends another game in april, their choice, excluding monday's season opener. the phillies down a run in the ninth inning. no problem. andreas lays down the bunt. they throw it to right field. hernandez scores to tie the game up at five. then up comes ben riff ear. would you believe it is a two-run walk-off homerun for ben revere, of all people. save it for the seasons boys. phillies win seven-five. >> before the win, they get their work in for what many will consider a tough season to watch. the phillies closer, and manager, talks about the year ahead. >> with opening day just around the corner, we're all anxious for monday, tune get started for the real season. >> i think that we can be competitive, and certain
5:55 am
areas, i think we have guys competing for jobs, i think we have guys competing for jobs, we got some guys coming back in the bullpen that have had some success in previous years. good news starters on the staff, we put all that together hopefully stream together a few wins. you know, hopefully. >> meanwhile, cole hamels will take the hill for the phillies on opening day. he spent the off season wondering what uniform he would be waning. here's cole on the trade talk. >> it is not my decision. it is ultimately it is an organizational decision. so i a.m. fortunate to go out there, play baseball, do it for as long as i can that's all i can hope for. you know, who ever, you know, really wants me to pitch and you know go, out and help the team win that's how i can go out and do. >> tiger woods announced that he will return to the pga tour for next week's masters. thirty-nine years old took nine week sebatical to work on
5:56 am
his health and his game. record on the line for lpga star lydia cull. seventeen years old she tide anica's record 29 straight rounds under par on thursday. one more sub par round and the youngest golfer to be right number one in the world will stand alone. well, she shot one over par to remain tie with anica. >> news out of the nfl baltimore sun reporting the nfl is set to hire its first full time female official, sarah thomas, who is said to be one of eight new officials for 2015. the first woman to officiate ncaa. in sport that's a great weekends i'm beasley reese. >> speaking of sports, familiar face at least to phillies fans, spends his friday stuck on a roller coaster. disneyland's popular california screaming coaster became stuck for about a half hour friday. now, among the nearly 100
5:57 am
people on board, 52 year old souderton native jamie moyer. he tweeted out a selfie saying not sure what's more difficult, pitching in a major league game, or this. luckily, no one was hurt. the park blames a minor mechanical issue. glad they're all right. that's "eyewitness news" at 5:00. here's what we're working on for you at 6:00. following breaking news a deadly hit-and-run along a busy road. we'll have a live report. police search for the driver who fled the scene. also ahead a sweet tweet for the eyes. a look at this marshmallow masterpiece, all made from easter candy. and speaking of easter, carol has your holiday forecast and much more when we continue at 6:00.
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just about anywhere you use sugar, you can use splenda®... calorie sweetener. splenda® lets you experience... ...the joy of sugar... ...without all the calories. think sugar, say splenda® >> we begin with breaking news overnight, police searching for the driver want in the deadly hit-and-run crash outside busy delaware avenue night club. we're live with details on the vehicle involved. also, new this morning fire breaks out in a corner grocery store. two residents living above are forced out of their homes. >> and only "eyewitness news", has this video showing police leading north philadelphia woman from her home. she is accused of trying to join the terror group isis. we've got the latest on this home-grown terror suspect. today is saturday, april 4th, good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us, i'm nicole brewer. it is 6:0


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